Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So I recently started following a code of behaviour which I found to be very inspiring and uplifting to me. Its called the Pirate Code, it states the 3 rules: 1, Be Awesome ,2 Face your fears 3, Don't be lazy.. My friend started it and it is awesome... if you want to be apart of it, search it on facebook, we are making a group soon. Also there was an open beer kicking around on the bus today spilling beer all over the floor and making the bus smell like beer and I look around and theres a scrappy looking guy in the back shifting his eyes back and fourth... Yeah!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Avatar: 3D movie, 1D characters

I went to see the new Avatar movie in 3D because of all the hype. My friend was all "No, I want to only see it in imax", I hate the word "imax" so I saw it in regular max. I was super excited and love 3D movies, went with my friends, got good seats...etc. The visuals were very cool like everyone is saying but the predictable plot and 1 Dimensional characters with no personality made it impossible to sit through, especially because it was 3 hours! People impressed with the movie are blinded by the special effects and don't care so much about plot and characters but after 1.5 hours of sitting bored out of my mind the effects don't count for much. The idea of the movie was stolen right out of The Matrix , where people go into another "Superbody" where they can do whatever they want and the guy has to pass a buncha tests in this body like Neo in the Matrix. Im starting to think they would have been better off spending that money improving the Matrix instead of this historically tragic movie. The story was so lame, a child could easily figure out the ending and every preceding event up to it from the first 5 minutes in. If they just wanted to make a effects movie they should have made it into a screensaver instead of a 3 hour shitfest. While they may have the technology for visual effects, they still don't have the technology to write a script with any substance.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Friends of Erez

I just finished my long journey creating the pilot for my TV show Friends of Erez. You can see it here if you want: .. I just found this new program that will help me make the next episode in 3D! Frankly, I will not be seeing anything anymore unless it is in 3D cuz why the hell would I? and im sure 99% of the public will soon agree, so gotta get with the times and stay relevant.