Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting a job for dummies

So now that i'm a college graduate, I'm off to the races looking for a job. Here's what I discovered about job "hunting":

1. It's boring
2. There's like no cool jobs
3. If you send out 10 resumes and you don't hear back from any you just wasted a week sending out 10 resumes

So thats the gist of it. Theres about 3 good job searching sites that I frequent, all the jobs are out of town, require 5 years experience or are (shudder) sales jobs. I sent out about 12 resumes and didn't get a single job yet! I apply to about 1 or 2 jobs a day and with the rest of my time I relax and play video games and do whatever it is that I do and its getting so boring that I have to complain about it on this blog. As a celebrity status blogger, I EXPECT job offers my the dozen without having to search for jobs. This is like if that guy from the matrix had to look for work. I am not impressed city of Toronto, not impressed at all.

So, now the plan is simple; to invent a new social networking site and badmouth Facebook until they join mine and make 7 Billion dollars, then donate all but half a billion to charity and be known as a philanthropist instead of a rich, information stealing asshole. So wish me luck in my jobs and don't forget to sign up for

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