Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jersey Shore

I just finished watching another compelling installment of the best drunken Italian guido TV show on the air. Now not for nothing but The Situation is starting to look a lot like Ronnie with his smushing with teh DTFs from the clubs.

We know they are all retarded and I admire them for it. No one is happier than a retarded person. Derrr: Thats why we drink, to get more retarded. Now you take a buncha retards and give them unlimited alchohol and you get a buncha super-retards. EPIC! I honestly wish I were half as retarded as these guys so I could say the stupid shit that they say without caring about anything. The reason this show is so popular is because everyone agrees with me, you want to be this stupid carefree and you are living vicariously through their adventures.

What can we learn from the guidos? We learn how take home drunk ppl and sleep with them . We learn how not to treat women. We learn how not to have a relationship. We learn that if you get drunk you will sleep with snooki. (hahaha is that a shot at Snooki?) I think she took enough shots if you know what I mean. shots? ahh, you don't get it im too clever for you.

But if you REALLY look carefully, you can find the trueisms of life in this show because their rawness speaks for our civilization and connects us all as humans. Guido/guidette/normal person, we are all humans partying up in the house of life and smushing in the smush rooms of our mentors before us. As Abraham Lincon probably said "Use a condom" true say Mr. President, true say.

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